Oshwal Centre

The Oshwal Centre is a facility is which the highest standards are common practice. You will find no alcohol or non-vegetarian food within the compound. On any given day the centre can easily accommodate up to 4000 people throughout the entire complex. This makes it one of the largest such facilities in East Africa.

The Oshwal centre auditorium is Nairobi’s most modern, comfortable and well equipped facility for performances. The Auditorium has 630 seats in two tiers, a full acoustic chamber, sprung dance floor, a high-tech strand digital lighting system and a BOSE sound system.

Performers are able to use two dressing rooms which can accommodate up to 100 people and they can relax in two green rooms adjacent to the stage. The facility is the perfect choice for events of every description: stage shows, dance performances and music concerts.

Summary of Facilities available at the Oshwal Centre

  • Wedding Hall with attached changing rooms. (800px)
  • Banqueting equipment, cutlery, utensils as well as kitchen equipment are available for hire
  • Four outdoor landscaped gardens adjacent to the main building.
  • Central Court and Atrium for smaller functions. (500px)
  • 2 large Dining halls each seating 800 at tables or 1500 on chairs.
  • 2 large and 2 medium sized Kitchens with cold room facilities.
  • Lobbies between Wedding halls and Dining Halls. (200px)
  • An air conditioned auditorium with state of the art Strand digital Lighting System and a BOSE sound system. Seating capacity for 630 persons. Male and Female changing rooms with space for up to 100 people and 2 fully furnished Green rooms adjacent to the stage. Stage size 16m X 10m with retractable wings.
  • A 4000 sq ft, Fee paying Member’s Library.
  • Free parking for 350 cars in the basement and 150 cars on the outside.
  • Large Foyer entrance for reception and meeting areas. (100px)
  • 3 Entrances to the Centre, One from Mpaka Rd., from Maua close and the Main entrance from The Ring-Road, Westlands.
  • 8 acres of grounds including a walking/jogging track, sports field, tennis and volleyball courts.

Regal Lobby Hall

Khetshi Dharamshi Hall

Sumaria Court

Karania Hall

C&P Lobby




Children Playing Ground

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