The Oshwal Sports Complex


For many of us, our (and our children’s) current sedentary lifestyles lead to health problems and obesity. Regular sports leads to good health, fitness, a positive mental attitude, stamina, suppleness and strength, thus playing a very important part in today’s life.

Our Oshwal Sports Community has produced some outstanding talent, with humble beginnings at the Oshwal Sports Complex, including a swimmer on the current Kenya team for the Beijing Olympic games.

Please enroll yourselves with the Oshwal Sports Complex and get on the way to a healthier lifestyle. It is also a great place to meet and make new friends. Some of our early morning swimmers have been using the facility for almost as long as it has been open and confess to having made life long friends here.

The Oshwal Sports complex provides facilities that make it easy to incorporate sport in to our daily routine.

The Oshwal Sports Complex, on its inception in the 1970’s, started with just the swimming pool. Since then, the facilities have been expanded to offer tennis, volleyball, squash, snooker, gym facilities, and more.

Many Oshwals and our Oshwal Schools already benefit from the use of these facilities.

The facilities are currently undergoing some major renovations, refurbishment and expansion works, which, when finished will improved the quality of the gym, as well as better changing facilities, steam and sauna rooms to match and also provide a badminton court.

The use of solar power for heating water makes the Oshwal Sports Complex one of the main VOC bodies using and promoting the use of renewable energy.

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