Aymbel & Varshitap Parna in Pictures

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Ayambel is a festival that comes twice a year, and teaches us the benefits of disciplining our taste buds, alongside detoxifying our bodies. It lasts for 9 days, and each day has a specific menu designed for it based on colours. This is how we still continue to break this fast, hundred of years later: Arihant, Siddha, Acharya, Upadhyaya, Sadhu,Samyag Darshan (right faith), Samyag Gnaan (right knowledge), Samyag Charitra (right conduct) and Samyag Tapa (right Austerity). The first two (Arihant & Siddha) are those who have achieved liberation (Moksha), while the next three are the means to achieve Moksha by using the right faith, knowledge, conduct and austerity.

Varsitaap came about when Lord Rushabhdev (our 1st Tirthankar), wandered around for 400 days, in silence, looking for alms. No one knew what to give him as he was the first person to have ever taken Diksha and become a Sadhu. They offered precious jewels, magical clothes, but no one offered food. Bhagwan Rushabhdev arrived in Hastinapur and King Shreyanskumar (his grandson) helped break the fast with sugarcane juice. This is still how we
continue to break this fast, millions of years later.

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